About me and this blog

My blog is one week old, and i decided to introduce myself.

My name is Beth. I am 25 year old. I have a brown hair to shoulder, blue eyes, light skin with freckles on my face in spring-summer. I’m 165 cm tall and 62 kg weight. Okay, maybe a little fat girl, but i feel myself pretty enough to be lovely and go around the world with smile.

This is not my first blog at all, but first in this way like he is now look like. I very like good artists image, an unlimited fantasy. Photo and images what i reach for is beautiful for me. I don’t collect any photo that i liked, no. Only that one what had caught my attention and whetted a fire of images in my head.

My blog isn’t commercial. I don’t steal a photo and always writing the name of resource or name of artist with work I taking and placing links to the original page in internet. I don’t sell any of them at all.

Hey, if you an autor of photo or image and you don’t like that a took your image, take my apologies. Just write me, and i’ll delete your copyright image from my blog. That’s okay!

However, all of this images is inspire me.

Later i’ll start to write a little stories. But now i haven’t much time for this.

My dear followers and people who liked my posts i want to tell you: thank you for watching my blog! Your attention and likes is very important to me and they – you are – support me on my way to search my own way to become an artist. Actually, i wanna to write my stories on english (that is not my language, as you can see), and this blog i hope will help me find the best way to realise my wishes.


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