Again die

Hi my dear friends!
I am so sorry I wasn’t here more than a week, my bad, sorry… But I have a few good news!

First. Yesterday I had finished Chapter I in my book. Before this I spent a four years just for combination a plan for book, create characters blah-blah-blah. Newermind… And it’s so strange! Seriously. I hate my write-style, always thinking about it like a child’s composition “Where is my puppy had been all summer”.
I didn’t translate it on english yet.

Second. My director had thought that I can do more than write a little news about new collections and sales in shops. He gave to me a 29 topics to write a SEO articles. I have done only 3.

Third. I am back! And my inspiration too.

Glad to see you.
Have a nice day, my dear!


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