Inspiration #23

by Jason Siew (Singapore)

Artwork by Adam Pasquali

Drawing the Soul

Coffee paiting by Maria A. Aristidou

Art by Morgan Davidson

by Rebekkka

Art by Jonathan Martinez

by Ben Kwok Bioworkz

painting in progress by Derek Turcotte

Katy Lipscomb

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“I know that some day, music and the images I see in my head will collide into something greater,” says 21-year-old Mexico City photographer SeoJu Park (@seojups), who has been singing since the age of nine. “I started with classical music and found out I had a strong and heavy voice for an Asian,” she laughs. “I always believed I was meant to be born in the 1960s as a black woman, where my voice would fit my looks.” Born to Korean parents — her father is an Olympic Taekwondo trainer and her mother is an artist — SeoJu feels more Mexican than Korean. Nowadays, she’s come to appreciate her multicultural upbringing. “When I was little, it was kind of hard to understand why I was different — not only physically, but in the way I thought about things. Now, it’s a true gift.” Being a global citizen means many opportunities for travel, and SeoJu is often on the road. However, she has discovered she is more interested in capturing emotion than physical places. “It’s more about the light and the experiences. Whether it’s on the road or not, it can be just a feeling or a moment you’re having. I believe that the way to get great shots is not just about the backdrop, but more about the experience. The feelings you felt, the stories you heard, the culture and the people. Most of all, the people.” Photo by @seojups

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