MarcSimonetti’s fantasy world

Marc Simonetti – professional illustrator. He working for book publishers, video companies, and long feature films. On you can find a lot of his works at “Game of Thrones”, “The colour of magic”, “Mountains of madness”, “Bound by Flame”, etc. Please, enjoy it!


“The Assassin’s Quest” by Robin Hobb

“Royal Assassin” by Robin Hobb

“Goddess” by Fiona McIntosh

“Magician’s End” Raymond E Feist

Iron throne

Terry Goodkind “La premiere inquisitrice” Ed Bragelonne

“A song of fire and ice” By GRR Martin

“Nyphron Rising” by Michael J Sullivan

“Sanctuary” by Alexandre Malagoli

“Odalisque” by Fiona McIntosh

“The Light Fantastic” By Sir Terry Pratchett

“King of sea” Rpg

“Lamentations” by Ken Scholes

“la sorcière de Darshiva” By Eddings


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