Amazing drawings

Lindo desenho por Bec Winnel. Flawless drawing by Bec Winnel.

All of this pictures i had found in Facebook. All of them an amazing work!

by cbmc2012

By Christopher Lovell

by ‘Youjimbo’.

By Natasha Nikitchenko.

Painting in progress by Naoto Hattori.

By @py3rr.

By @dribblack.

Dragon paintings in stones by ‘AlviaAlcedo’.
Pintura de dragões em pedras. Por ‘AlviaAlcedo’

By Isabelli Marino Fraga.

by @psyca.

by Naoto Hattori.

by Lora Zombie.

by Moan’Art.

by Moan’Art

by Moan’Art

Unknown artist.

Unknown artist.

Unknown artist.

Oil painting by Laura Pritchett.

by Katy Lipscomb

by Jonathan Martinez (United States)

by Alfred Basha

by Katy Lipscomb


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