Daily Inspiration #11

DRAWING PENCIL by Jana Jg Draw (Germany)


e y e by Yudhistira Yogasara

Sketchy Stories

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French artist Charles Leval, also known as “Levalet” (@levaletdessinderue), is bringing new narratives to the streets of Paris with life-size black-and-white figures. “My task is to adapt each image to the physical limitations of the urban space through a kind of staging or dramatization,” he says. Charles uses India ink to draw his images in his studio, then pastes the characters onto places like walls, ledges and doors across the city. “First I spot a location, then I take some measurements and make a note of any other details about the place,” he says. “Next, I think of an overall plan and I draw the various elements that I want to appear before returning to install them on site. For the drawing, I work by following a photo, so usually I get people to pose in the situations that I want to portray.” Photo by @levaletdessinderue

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Anthropologie Europe

Red on Turquoise by kosharik69

Dino Artes

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oh and some vinyl too !!!

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….. by agnescsoor

DRAWING PENCIL by Joanna Wirażka

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Wise words to live by.✋

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Add me some Watercolour Quick! by Nicky Laatz

DRAWING PENCIL by Mathilde Thorup (Denmark)

Poster by Xavier Esclusa M32

by Dang Hai Ha & Josephine

DRAWING PENCIL by Celia Ivana (Indonesia)

Hair by Lili Ribeira

SEMPITERNAL by Mathew Guido

Grayscale Vector by Joshua M. Smith


Coffee Paintings by Maria Aristidou

Sketchbook by Romain Flamand

Ukrainian Girl by Paweł Janyst

Walter Magazine – Ulule

The Setting Sun by slumberdoll

March 13 – 20, 2015: Fashion

Papillon by fourteenthstar


Bullets that have been fired underwater.

HungPham’s Artworks: HOME

KateG, Necklace

Secret Garden


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