Daily Inspiration #7

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Coloring book is SO FUN!! XD

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Mainframe’s Cool London Office

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“I think there is a deep well of emotion in us that gets tapped when we are confronted with the beauty of nature,” says Bridget Beth Collins (@flora.forager). The Seattle-based botanical artist reconstructs the blooms of nature into designs, creatures and scenes from her imagination. “From a young age I was learning the names of flowers and backpacking in mountain meadows. I played all day every day of the summer in the woods pretending to be a fairy. I would bring home sprigs from the woods and press them in books,” says Bridget. The delicate organic materials that compose each piece are themselves a source of inspiration. Bridget explains, “I go for a walk in my neighborhood or bring a bouquet home from the market and I see a whale’s tail in a shamrock leaf, or a snake’s scales in the sedum. And I am ever entranced by the public gardens and parks available in my city.” Photo by @flora.forager

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Global Shuffle by sean mosher-smith

Follow me in Seattle . part 1 . Starbucks

the answer is blowing in the wind by anna. s.

Pit Stop by Timo Saarelma

Fox by Roisin Maddison

Vintage by Dasha Demina

Farewell winter by Sebastian Sosa

Morgan Sessions

The Stormborn by David Adhinarya Lojaya

The Willow Bath by Anna Lakisova

mini DMP competition Oct2014 by Yuet Lam

Cereal Bowl Lamp

Pencil Drawings by Monica Lee

Scala Regia Mag#2 by Jose Ferreira

Two thieves by Renee Granillo

San Patrick Day by Jorge Enrique Ramos

Rememoried by Rememoried

Awesome styrofoam =) by Egoshin Vova

Rose tattoo sketch by Gerardo Caballero

XTREME BUGS by Micael Butial


Donald G. Jean by Scene From A Provincial Life

St. Patrick’s Day

Plegaria by yuriko-shirou

Dark is beautiful. by Hersmallworld

:::Ice Queen::: by SATYRJA

Digital Art by Hollllow

Nemesis by Hollllow

James Tovey

Mariëtte Aernoudts

From up North

Julia by Konstantin Kryukovskiy


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