Daily Inspiration #6


Confide’s New York City Office

Divergent by Zack Causey

Lavender lovers by Eva Košumberská

Old Village by zhangning

Mermaids by Alexandr Drozdin

Rickshaw by Anish Dasgupta

It’s Just a Feeling by silvia fabbri

The Thing by Ania Vouloudi

Personal by Frankie Casillo

Annie and Tibbers by Diego Morali

I hate Anni in LOL btw…

Gypsy Dance by Ramin Yekani

Fugue by Jessica Walsh, Sagmeister & Walsh, Pedro Sanches

Aquage – NAHA by Vault 49

BANG BANG Exhibition

Door by Larisa Iskritskaya

Enlight logo by Ivan Bobrov

Book Design by Andreiovich Design

“Mini Supernova” Explosion

Two Vampire Crab


Elven ear cuffs Dark Elf by GladOlga


Dining in Hell by MissSinisterCosplay

Minjae Lee

Jared Lim

Sketchy Stories


Syrian children of war

I recommend read all this article about children of war. It’s painful and scary, but it is a life, and we can’t ignore this only because it is somewhere faraway.


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