What do we know about witches and witchcraft today? Is it real? Can witches be dangerous?

If you ask me i’ll tell you – yes, they can, they are dangerous. But people preferred see witches like cute nice girl with crystals, flowers, tarot deck and hard view.

Actually, something like that:

Power of flowers, crystals and books can take us in another world full of magic and secrets.

The places and animals:

Sometimes witches look very different:


2 thoughts on “Witchcraft

  1. I’ve just launched a website called itswitchraft.com that focuses on crystal healing and learning which minerals can help with certain properties. For now, I sell them in necklaces to be close to the heart. I’d say witchcraft is very much real and alive in today’s society. Great thought provoking questions ❤


  2. jestron,
    it’s so wonderful! I like them all.
    I only have one fluorite crystal. Bought for concentration, but ultimately did not use it. Beautiful, but not my element.


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